Thursday, August 29, 2013

The purpose of this blog

As I begin my time at Catholic University of America, I think it's important to state precisely what I intend to do with this blog and how I intend to use it. This blog was originally created last summer for class assignments for ILS225, a basic intro to computers and technology for my undergrad. It largely consisted of quotes about aspects of libraries and technology and a collection of blog entries in which I interviewed local academic librarians. When I visited Kansas in December I continued to blog about my time there, scanning and digitizing my grandparent's slide collection and family pictures. Since then I have used it more or less to record my time at PBS, thoughts about corners of the Internet, and note important milestones in my path to graduate school.

This program has similar assignments as my undergrad, so the blog will continue to serve as the platform on which I post those entries. However, I have already had a few posts sitting in the back of my mind prompted by this week's classes, so I will also post my thoughts on those. I do invite any readers to respond and comment as I would love to have some conversation around the topics I discuss in posts. In the coming months are several different symposiums and events I will be attending (Ruby on Rails at CHNM, the Cultural Heritage Symposium, etc), and I will post about those as well. I hope other LIS students here at CUA will be encouraged to attend these events and will feel more comfortable by reading about my experiences.

To clarify, I'm going to continue using the blog as I did before but with (perhaps) a little more purpose and decorum. There are now links to this blog on my page (which is on my business cards and most social media sites), so now it is more public than before. With that in mind I will attempt to address issues relevant to my profession and what I learn. This does not mean I will stop putting gifs in posts or stop putting up pictures of wookiees, but it does mean that I will be a little more conscientious when I do.

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