Friday, January 18, 2013


I am home to a slightly colder house without my cat. He was my study buddy and the best companion a college student could ask for - lapwarmer, purrmonster, and all-round best cat ever.

That aside, I am glad to be back to my coffee machine, desk chair, and slightly crazy basement. Today I have begun to select certain items to take with me to my internship. The first day of the internship was yesterday, and it defied and lambasted all of my expectations. Despite parking difficulty, I found myself with coffee and a pass to PBS that proudly displays my name in Comic Sans. My workspace is generous, with my own desk, scanner, and a CPU with somewhat ambivalent USB ports. My desk is located in the self-proclaimed 'nerd floor'. Sure enough, everyone seems to have a few Adipose or Sesame Street characters in their cubicle, and I've decided to bring in my own companions to occupy my workspace. Companions to be announced.

The work given to me is a good start for me, and my supervisor has truly chosen a good starting point for me. I'm performing a survey of a pile of papers to see what we have digitized and what we don't. It's a good introduction to the terminology and types of materials I will be working with for the next three months, and I'm taking the opportunity to create a few lists and databases of my own on my iPad. Each show has a four-letter code, so later on when I am working on the project in earnest I'll have a reference table for the codes and can make some notes for my reports. This first stage of the project is interesting to me as I'm beginning to familiarize myself with the area and subject matter, but it isn't so overwhelming that I feel intimidated. Rather it's measurable and I've already made some progress on my first day. The task is also something I can work into a routine so I can listen to a podcast or music (yesterday was Ramones, Operation Ivy, and Thrilling Adventure Hour, with TechStuff working its way in at the end). I enjoy learning about something without feeling stupid first - in the past, most of my first tasks have made me feel inadequate rather than posing a challenge that I am excited to meet.

In short, I really enjoy PBS so far. It feels engaging without overwhelming. Knowing that I have to take a left at Big Bird to get to my desk (and if I see Clifford the Big Red Dog I've gone to far) amuse me to no end, and to some extent the familiarity is comforting.

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