Monday, July 2, 2012

Somehow this metaphor translates to Apple's exclusivity and security measures as well as making the point about iPads and their mobility.

"The iPad2 is an awkward size for use in reference. A smartphone fits in the palm of the hand. A few pokes on its surface may bring up a satisfactory reference for a known item. The iPad2 is about the size of a trade paperback. It won't fit in your pocket or purse. To type on it, you really have to set it down somewhere, on a bookshelf, maybe?
In California, we have a drive-through restaurant called In-N-Out Burger []. [Until and unless they extend operations across the country, you'll have to come to California.You should. Their burgers are worth the trip. --bq] It is so popular that workers come out to the line of cars to take orders. They transmit these to the cooks via wireless computer tablets suspended from harnesses slung around their necks.
The iPad2 seems too delicate for this kind of handling. Still, wouldn't it be great to have a holder that would let us type on and swipe our iPads without needing a flat surface? Be that as it may, the device is light, thin, and has more than 65,000 apps, or programs, available for it, plus possible overlap with the half-million apps for the iPhone."
McDermott, I. E. (2011). iPad2 for Librarians. Searcher19(6), 8-11.

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